Banks and Financial Services
Situation and Challenges

Banks and financial service providers are in fierce competition for maintaining and expanding their customer base. Operational Excellence, Safety Excellence and Marketing Excellence are the keys to a successful business in this industry.

In order to attract new customers and retain existing customers, banks and financial institutions need to gain the trust of their customers and ensure that their services uphold a high level of security at all stages of their operations. They need to develop creative ideas to get the customer's attention.
Internally, banks and financial services must ensure all employees and visitors that have access to their buildings and facilities are accurately authorized.

Common concerns: 
1. Providing fast, quality, secure service for clients 
2. Building a unique brand image 
3. Maintaining operational excellence at the most effective cost possible.
Banks and financial service providers are well versed in technology applications. In fact, technology has become a competitive advantage for banks and financial service providers to become the preferred partner of their customers. 

Noah and its partners offer banks and financial service providers another performance-enhancing solution: the implementation of AutoID solutions in their business practices. The solutions range from operational back-office activities to front-line customer service.  
For the back office, AutoID solutions are well-suited for employee attendance, controlled building access, secure room access, authorized computer access, and much more.

In customer service, AutoID solutions enable you to differentiate yourself from other banks and financial service providers and to give your customers that special banking experience.