Situation and Challenges
Manufacturers and processing companies are facing challenges on a number of fronts, from product design, sourcing of materials, manufacturing, selling, and delivering products to customers.

Every process has to be done precisely without any mishaps as every misstep in product quality, availability and customer service can cost you financial and loyalty loss. To stay ahead of the competition, you must deliver your products at promised quality all while maintaining your target margin.

So every manufacturer must find ways to improve manufacturing operations and get the job done faster, cheaper, and better.

Common concerns:

1. Ensure every new batch of material/part goes
2. Ensure every material or part are well documented
3. Ensure every part go to the right production step
4. Ensure final product meet the quality standard
5. Ensure low production cost-saving
6. Ensure minimum production mistakes, particularly by human-error
Our Solutions
AutoID system can help manufacturers track every batch of raw materials, every part in the process, and the finished goods. It can be done through a barcode system where the items are barcoded as identification.
Operators can be trained easily in operating user-friendly scanner to identify items. The integrated inventory system function as a double-checking system to prevent production misstep.
Our collaboration can start as early as planning and consultation to customize the right devices to support the manufacturing management system.

You will gain efficiency through implementation of devices and systems to capture the inflow of materials, tracking of production inventory, and outflow of finished goods. All can be served by the AutoID system supported with a fixed bar code scanner, portable barcode scanner, or even RFID systems.
Throughout our journey, we have helped many manufacturers in increasing their productivity and efficiency, reducing production cost, and reducing human error.