Situation and Challenges
Each government has a duty and responsibility to provide its citizens, businesses, and organizations with various important services for the nation to thrive. However, providing consistent, responsive and quality services to hundreds of millions of people is always a big challenge. The government must provide countless types of services: issuing official letters such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, identity cards, driving licenses, and tracking foreign visitors or our migrant workers. These services must be provided with high accuracy and maximum speed. It must be able to prevent intentional and unintentional data theft and unnecessary complications.

Central and local governments are concerned about the completeness and accuracy of their citizens’ data and that they are losing track of their citizens.
At the same time, governments are under pressure to be transparent and responsible with their resources and to keep costs as low as possible.
Besides, the competence level between staff and citizens can be very different, which requires the creation of user-friendly information systems that are easy to use and manage.

Common concerns: 

1. More efficient in government operations 
2. Proven solutions so projects have a good chance of success 
3. Minimize budget 
4. Receive government 
5. Receive and count inventory quickly and correctly so no stock go waste 

You cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods. Governments too must keep themselves up to date, to stay relevant. AutoID solutions, supported by their respective backbone systems, allow sensitive data to be transmitted securely from end-to-end and being processed confidently and confidentially at point of use.
Therefore, sensitive data will be encrypted and locked, and can only be accessed by authorized officials.

Noah supported partners, solution providers, and consortia during the implementation of AutoID solutions in various government departments. To mention just a few of these AutoID solutions, the tree data collection barcode system, the Indonesian migrant worker card, the health card, the kids card, the national identity card and many more. They all effectively prevent data manipulation and fraud.

Different government operations need different kinds of AutoID devices. For harsh forestry environment, long-range scanners that are durable, upscale, rugged, water-resistant and drop-proof will be the better choice for the long term run rather than the cheaper options. However, simplicity and user-friendly devices are the main requirements for village offices. AutoID solutions are used by different ministries such as Home Affairs (i.e. the Police), Environment and Forestry, State-Owned Enterprises, and many more.

Every rupiah saved from the projects means another rupiah can be allocated for other uses, like more schools and hospitals. For running efficient government operations, or to fill the lowest possible bid to win over the competition, Noah is the right strategic partner.