PT Noah Arkindo

Your Partner to Efficiency and Accuracy

No matter what industry you are in, the chance is you need our Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solutions to help you solve big business challenges: human-error, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies.

Some companies may need our full support to carry out a project from analysis, design to the implementation of their AIDC system. Some just need some guidance and product knowledge before they can create their own AIDC system, while others only need the products.

What Are AIDC Solutions For?

AIDC solutions solve problems in different business processes. It can be used at the point of sale, for warehouse management, for the keeping attendance or even for tracking the existence of trees in deep forests. AIDC solutions greatly simplify and accelerate data collection while at the same time avoiding human error.

Whatever your operation, you should talk to us if you want to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations. Noah has two decades of experience and has the capacity to suggest suitable solutions to your needs.

Our diverse customer base ranges from government organizations, state-owned companies, international banks, all of which require complex AIDC systems, until small family businesses that probably only need a simple handheld scanner.

Why Noah?