Oil & Gas
Situation and Challenges
Global competition for depleting natural resources continues to drive the need to lower operating costs. However, energy companies in Indonesia are operating in some most challenging geographical conditions, from the remotest area in Kalimantan to the deepest sea in the Natuna Islands.

Each operational area involves a large investment in equipment and facilities. As such, for the return of investment and generate profit, energy companies must continuously implement new solutions to increase the performance of their facilities to maximize production. While making these investments, companies have to focus on controlling costs.

Common concerns:

1. Ensuring working facilities and equipment
2. Production efficiency
3. Compliance to regulation and requirements
4. Safety of workers and assets
5. Keeping inventory
New, innovative barcode technologies can help companies remotely and accurately monitor and manage their assets, and consequently take preventive measures to help avoid production downtime, increase workplace safety, and divert potential business risks.
The anticipated result is value creation in the billions of rupiahs each year through less downtime and increased production. It will increase compliance with regulations and increase employee morale, helping to create a positive workplace.

Noah has successfully collaborated with various contractors and companies to provide suitable AIDC devices and solutions to assist companies in choosing and implementing the most suitable option to overcome their challenges.